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26 November 2012 @ 02:13 pm

credit to:: makeus_itx

I've seen some people adding me without saying anything, so please comment here first before you add me ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Few entries (mostly translations) are public but everything else is PRIVATE.

Introductory Post!!!Collapse )

Feel free to comment & see you around!

& i made formspring. ASK ME ANYTHING ;)

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20 March 2010 @ 08:57 pm
I just have one thing to say...


& Guamはいいところですよ♪
30 November 2009 @ 12:29 pm
I still cant believe that kame got the role in "Yamatonadeshiko."
Like what EVERYONE said, i cant really imagine kame in that character. (* ̄m ̄)
But im excited for that dorama. I always wanted to see him acting as a college student. LOL
& all the shows he is going to be in TBS ♥ just imagining Tokyo Friend Park, hanamaru cafe, chu-bo- ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜
I dont effin care what rating it would be.
tego&kame are probably like besto friendo now that they've been together so much. UKERU xD i dont like tegoshi but whatever. lol


btw did anyone watch Giants v.s. Black Variety team!?

just the first part of kamenashi. LOL this was so fun to watch. ♥
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its meme time ♥ stole from misaseba

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends.

No tagging No.

*Click on the Song title to check out the Music Video from youtube OR their performances ♥

01. Masahiro Fukuyama- Keshin (the IKEMEN)
02. Arashi- Aozora Pedal (i love the PV! & seventeen models. xD)
03. Jesse McCartney feat. T-Pain- Body Language (konnichiwa-- xD)
04. Lady Gaga- Poker Face
05. KAT-TUN- Andalucia ni Akogarete (& this is one of the I WANT IT TO BE A CD song & i found it on YOUTUBE!!!!! YAY ME! lol)
06. Mr. Children- Hanabi (my favorite ♥)
07. Jin Akanishi & Ryo Nishikido- Ai no Katamari (the one from SC I LOVE THEIR HARMONY *__* ♥)
08. Judy & Mary- motto (old school but still love them ^^)
09. B'z- Itsuka no Merry Christmas (my mom's favorite! & its a setsunai christmas song)
10. Spitz- Sora mo toberu hazu (this song is a popular graduation song in japan xD)
11. Haruka Ayase- Kousaten Days (my first song i've listened to of ayase haruka!)
12. RADWIMPS- Order Made (RADWIMPS <3)
13. Noriyuki Makihara- Tooku (classic ♥ the newer version clip with Gakki ♥)
14. Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu- Love Forever (FAVORITE!)
15. m-flo ♥'s melody & Ryohei Yamamoto- miss you (LOVE LOVE!)
16. Sean Kingston- Fire Burning (clubbing song! lol)
17. Southern All Stars- Ya Ya (Ano toki wo wasurenai) (SAS! LOVE! & its not MV btw xD)
18. KAT-TUN- Seiten no Hekireki (why all the non CD songs are coming up!? & boo Junno's still in the hospital when this MS aired (ρ_ -)ノ)
19. Bump of Chicken- Tentai Kansoku (love this song)
20. HYDE- Glamorous Sky (i love the hyde version of this song instead of Mika Nakashima :P)
21. Pitbull- I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (I LOVE IT!)
22. Aya Matsuura- Love Namidairo (reminds me of Yuukan Club Jin :P)
23. Tohoshinki- Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandaro (OMG THE MOST saddest song ever but i still love it ♥)
24. Zeebra feat. AI, Namie Amuro, MUMMY-D- Do What U Gotta Do (used to be my favorite xD)
25. Black Eyed Peas- I gotta feeling (♥)

so umm my i-pod shuffles loves kat-tun i guess. lol out of the 590 songs i have i do have 90 songs from them including solo & non CD songs. ROFL KIMOI (* ̄m ̄)
I stayed home all day yesterday & the day before (due to my sickness once again) but im feeling way better today ♥

sorry for the previous post. i was so grumpy. (゚Д゚〓゚Д゚)
Have a great day!
25 September 2009 @ 01:33 am
Especially for grapewhine

An An jin translation::

Love, is part of my life. its important, but its nothing special...Collapse )

Akanishi Jin talking about love ♥
how sweet ($♥'3`艸)♥。・゚♡
i skipped few parts & added in some words as well (i tried imagining it as if jin was saying it himself. LOL) & ugh, i need to make or get more jin icons because i only have this ONE icon of him :PPPP

Gnites ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜
25 July 2009 @ 10:41 am
I was bored.

Note: I am SO NOT sure about the lyrics. but i think its somewhere along the line xD & for those who haven't listened to it yet, its a slow ballad song :D
kame sings it while playing it on his guitar xD

HERE!!!!!!!Collapse )

*Go ahead & share the lyrics.
Im not 100% sure this is right, & i heard that the title isn't confirmed yet? but yeah.
i just wanted to share.
FUUUUU that was pretty hard. its actually my first time doing this xDDDD lol
& please tell me if i have some portions wrong. i did this really quickly.
m(_ _)m
21 July 2009 @ 08:34 pm
I just came back from hanging out with secondeve
walking around our usual route from shibuya to omotesando & walking back to shibuya was so much fun ♥ i missed these days. LMAO

IM GOING TO LE BARON TOMORROW. yes, so my no alcohol! failed after 3 days. LMAO omfg seriously. someone stop me from clubbing :PPPP

& i lost my camera. I can't find it anywhere. WHERE DID I PUT IT SERIOUSLY?
this is when i hate myself. ROFL

KAT-TUN tour started today ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜
I hope everyone who went to okinawa today is having fun. OOH OKINAWA. I so want to go there once. :PPP

OYASUMI~ ($♥'3`艸)♥。・゚♡

P.S. Nishioka's blog has kame in it::


aww kame & nishioka seems to be good friends ^^
calling each other "kazu kun" & "tsuyo kun" is SO ADORABLE ♥
oh kame... i guess his private life is filled with baseball players, sempai's, & staff xD lol i totally can't imagine kame with his friends during his off days. LMAO gomenne gomenne~!!!
27 June 2009 @ 03:19 pm
RIP Michael Jackson.

You'll music will live on forever ♥
18 June 2009 @ 09:43 pm
After seeing Vivi's i decided to change my layout... AGAIN.
And this time i would stick to this layout until i get tired of it. BUT IM SO FAR LOVING IT.


Btw i changed my header too!!!! It's the second one Vani made for me.
*throws confetties & shiny things to Vani*

Thank you so much ♥
Ginza shoot!kame looks so HOT ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜
18 June 2009 @ 02:02 pm
Took this meme from veessentielle or VIVI ♥

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real . . . nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

HERE WE GO <3Collapse )

AND here's the picture of my hometown. GUAM ♥ because i miss it. lol
can't wait to go back there for summer break ^^

btw yesterday's ckt was so hilarious! I LOVE ROBERT ♥ poor YAMAMOTO xDDDDD AHAHAHAHA that part was so funny. kame's "OKAMA YAY OKAMA YAY!" was so cute. & the little screen when jin appeared... hahahahaha ♥

bye cha ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

EDIT CAN I TOTALLY SPAZ ON THIS? (i made a new entry for this but i got lazy i put it together :P)
OMFG. HIGASHIYAMA NORIYUKI'S BLOG T.M.?∞ is this place where Higashiyama answers any question you have.


My question:現在就職活動中なのですがなかなかうまく行きません。それがあってか最近はすぐに始める前からやる気をなくしてしまいます。やる気をおこすにはどうしたらいいですか?
I am currently job hunting right now, but it doesn't seem to go well. And because of that I lose track before i even start. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Losing track before you start... "WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT BAKA!"
How is that? Are you motivated now?


Thank you Higashiyama san ♥
i think im his fan now. LOL!
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